Platts Metal report price

Platts Metal reports the prices

Platts Metal reports the prices of steel metals. Platts Metal magazine publishes the price report of steel metal Platts on a daily basis. Platts Metal Metals and Platts Steel specializes in checking daily prices. Platts Metal is part of Fastmarkets. If you are looking for the latest news and prices of metals, metal and steel, Platts magazine provides you with complete information about the metal market. is now part of

Metal Platts

Platts Metal magazine examines the daily prices of all types of metals in the market. Fastmarkets MB, formerly known as Metal Bulletin, is an international publisher in the field of metals. Platts Metal provides specialized information for the global steel and scrap metal markets. You can contact us to receive the latest edition of Metal magazine and the price report of steel and steel metal Platts.

Platts Metal magazine

The new look and improved experience means you can access price data, news and steel market information on Fastmarkets. Using the data of this magazine, you can get very good information about the metal, metal and steel market. Discover more than 2000 prices, news and analysis in primary and secondary metals markets available in this specialized publication. Platts Metal magazine covers base metals, industrial minerals, ores and alloys, scrap and steel raw materials.

Platts Metal reports prices

Platts Metal report

Fastmarkets has over 130 years of expertise in all types of metal products. Fastmarkets aims to be the leading and most reliable price reporting and information service in the global metal market. Using transparent and auditable methods to report data and insights across the various metals and steel industries, Fastmarkets provides stakeholders with a clear picture of the markets and their impact on business and the supply chain.

Platts of metals

Metal Bulletin magazine contains the latest prices of iron ore and steel products. It is also an analysis of the market of all mineral products. Metal plates are available every day to metal industry activists in the world. In addition to monthly publications and forecasting developments in the metal industry, Platts Bulletin publishes a daily magazine for metals. Platts Metals magazine reviews the prices of mineral and metal products on a daily basis.

Metal Platts

Platts Metal Bulletin magazine is one of the ways for industry activists to access iron ore and steel prices and analyze the market situation of metal products. Platts Metal magazine contains the latest price of iron ore and steel products, information and news of new steel technology, metals and their developments, steel market analysis and all mineral products.

Platts Metal report price

Steel Platts

Platts Steel magazine provides businessmen with specialized information about the steel market. Analyzing current and future market prices is very helpful for steel business. Many companies related to steel products can find a deep understanding of the future of the steel market by using the data of this magazine.

Metal Bulletin magazine review

Metal Bulletin magazine is a product of Metal Bulletin Group. For more than 100 years, two publications have provided definitive coverage of steel and metals market prices: Metal Bulletin and American Metals Market.

American Metal Market and Metal Bulletin have long provided market news and price developments online, and were subsequently joined by FastMarkets. Meanwhile, long-term trends, analysis and long-term articles are published in print and PDF for the US metal market e-books by Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market.

Export of steel raw materials

The export of steel raw materials abroad for 10 months of 2022 has decreased by 66.4% annually, rolled products by 66.6% annually, and semi-finished products by 70.3% annually. In January-October 2022, Ukrainian steel companies reduced ferrous metal exports by 66.4 percent compared to the same period in 2021. to 5.48 million tons. In terms of money, exports in this period reached 4.15 billion dollars with a 63.9% year-on-year decrease. This is shown by the data of the state customs service.

Export of iron ore

In the 10th month of 2022, the export of crude iron has decreased by 56.5% year-on-year to 1.15 million tons, and metal scrap has decreased by 92.5% year-on-year to 37.8 thousand tons. The export of semi-finished products abroad in January-October 2022 decreased by 70.3% year-on-year to 1.73 million tons and rolled steel decreased by 66.6% year-on-year to 2.26 million tons.

In the export structure of ferrous metals for 10 months of 2022, the share of semi-finished products was 31.6%, steel raw materials (iron, ferroalloy, scrap) 27.1%, rolled steel 41.3%.

Review of metal market prices

Platts Group’s mission is to provide leading pricing information, including independent industry benchmarks, to the metals and mining industries. Therefore, the time has come for the two magazines to complete this important role by uniting as Metal Market Magazine. Metal market magazine provides traders and manufacturers with comprehensive information about steel and steel markets.

Bringing together the strengths and legacy of its two previous editions to cover US and international developments, Platts Metal and Platts Metals Steel and Steel magazine will cover long-term trends and developments in price, supply, demand, production and technology from its first issue in February. will cover From waste and extracted raw materials to end-use, it provides profiles, analyses, data summaries, reviews and forecasts for the complete global supply chain.

price of metals and minerals

Track, chart, compare and export over 950 global metal and mining prices available with Platts Metal Magazine and Pellets Steel & Steel Metals price data. Platts Metal magazine provides you with information and price insights to understand the driving forces of market fluctuations, interpret economic developments and understand the factors affecting the supply chain.

The price of metal plates reflects the metal market and evaluates both the buying and selling sides of the transaction. Update your strategy with steel and steel metal price data that is unbiased, IOSCO-compliant, the benchmark used by the metals industry worldwide.

Metal news and market analysis

Stay connected and understand the movement around your metals and mining markets with market news and coverage from Platts’ extensive network of trained reporters and price analysts. Pellets Metal magazine covers you on steel and steel raw materials, scrap and secondary, ores and alloys, base metals, minor metals, industrial minerals markets, including energy transfer and how it’s changing, so you’re always ahead of the competition. You will be ahead.

Metals market forecast

Platts Metal and Platts Steel magazine’s price forecasting methodology includes supply and demand fundamentals, an in-depth look at underlying costs and implied margins, as well as market sentiment. Metal Magazine leverages the expertise of its in-house analysts, who have over 30 years of specialized forecasting experience, and rely heavily on the data collection and insights of an extensive network of reporters.

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